Tired of typing repeating text and emotes? Use Giggles!

What and Why
Giggles is designed to allow you to make emote sequences and share emote sequences for THERE. It was written because most THEREians are using Limited capability toolbar replacements or software designed for Windows Macros, not for THERE itself. This software was written specifically for THERE!

Please note
Lots of the information on these pages are bits and pieces I have been able to dig up, as the main site of Giggles isn't live anymore, as OracleOfDelphi, the creator and designer of Giggles has stopped updating and maintain both Giggles and the site.

This site
I managed to collect a lot of the giggles from the original giggles website, before it went offline and I've put them all on this site as unaltered as possible. I have simply cleaned up some of the worst code and organized the giggles into groups. I haven't spent much time on the layout of the site or making it any easier to copy the giggles, but it's my intention to get to that eventually.

If you would like to contribute to the collection please send your giggles to me using the mailform on the left and I'll put them online asap.

As the giggles often does not have the most precise description you might get better results using the search field at the top.

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